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Show Notes

Embarking with Ease

I discuss the art of making a grand entrance as we cover the dos and don’ts of embarkation day. From luggage handling to first impressions, learn how to start your cruise adventure on the right foot.

Dressing the Part

Dressing appropriately on a cruise can be tricky. I explore the various attire expectations for different occasions on board, ensuring you’re always dressed to impress, whether it’s for a casual day at sea or a formal dinner.

Dining Delicacies

Cruise dining is an experience in itself, but it comes with its own set of etiquette rules. I share everything from buffet line manners to fine dining finesse, helping you enjoy your meals with grace.

Cabin Courtesy

Your cabin is your sanctuary at sea, and maintaining harmony with your neighbours is key. I offer tips on noise control, space sharing, and how to keep your cabin neat and pleasant throughout your voyage.

Poolside Politeness

The pool deck is a hub of activity and relaxation. I cover the essential etiquette for reserving loungers, pool use, and engaging with fellow passengers, so you can soak up the sun without any faux pas.

Shore Excursion Savvy

Excursions offer a chance to explore new destinations, but they also require a bit of etiquette know-how. From punctuality to respectful behavior in foreign lands, I guide you through making the most of your onshore adventures.

Elevator Etiquette

Elevators on a cruise ship can be bustling places. Learn the unspoken rules of elevator etiquette, ensuring smooth and courteous rides for you and your fellow cruisers.

Debarkation Courtesy

As your cruise comes to an end, the debarkation process can be hectic. I provide insights on how to leave the ship gracefully, including handling luggage, tipping staff, and saying farewell to new friends.

Louise’s Top Tip

Cruising is a wonderful experience and you are always going to be fortunate to meet people from other countries and cultures. Embrace the differences you find, and regard them as opportunities to learn more about the wonderful world we all share.

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