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Adrian Dickens is a personal jeweller based in Melbourne with over three decades of experience. Trained in the UK, Adrian moved to Australia in 1988 and has since managed iconic jewellery brands before establishing his own business. He is known for his expertise in both modern and antique jewellery and his commitment to creating custom pieces for his clients. Adrian shares his extensive knowledge on the origin, etiquette, and styles of rings. From engagement rings to signet rings, Adrian covers the fascinating history and evolving trends of these beloved pieces of jewellery.

Recycling and Custom Jewellery

Louise expresses her admiration for Adrian’s work and his generous contributions to various charities. She shares a personal story about how Adrian created a beautiful ring for her by recycling her family diamonds and gold. Adrian discusses his philosophy of recycling existing jewellery pieces to create new ones, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in his work.

Restyling a Tanzanite and Marquise Diamond Ring

Adrian provides a detailed description of a stunning tanzanite and diamond ring. Initially designed to have a removable cluster that could be worn as a pendant, the client found this feature cumbersome over time. Adrian adapted the design by laser welding the cluster to the band, transforming it into a more practical and equally beautiful ring. He notes the exquisite quality of the tanzanite and the resurgence of yellow gold in contemporary jewellery trends.

Brooch Revival

Adrian talks about the increasing popularity of brooches, a trend seen at high-profile events like the Oscars and the Met Ball. He notes that brooches, often overlooked, are among the most beautiful and intricate pieces of jewellery . Adrian mentions prominent figures like Queen Camilla, who are showcasing historical brooches, further influencing this trend. Adrian himself is an advocate of brooches, wearing different ones daily and collecting unique pieces.

The First Known Engagement Ring

Adrian recounts the story of the first known engagement ring, given by Prince Albert to Queen Victoria. This ring was designed in the shape of a serpent, incorporating an emerald (Victoria’s birthstone), rubies, and diamonds set in yellow gold. He explains how engagement ring styles have evolved over time but maintains that the most important aspect is choosing a ring that the wearer truly loves.

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Please note our apologies that we are unable to provide photos of the mentioned items as they are currently starring in a photo shoot! They will be uploaded as soon as they become available.

Louise’s Top Tip

It is very natural that we change our personal trends for jewellery as we move through our lives.  Some years ago I moved from yellow to white gold as a preference. Pearls have always been a constant in my jewellery preferences.  Enjoy your jewellery choices based always on your personality rather than fashionable trends.

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