The Art of an Elegant Lifestyle

An elegant lifestyle is not difficult to achieve once you understand that being elegant is not only about what you wear, but how you carry yourself, your personal grooming, your attention to detail, your hospitality style, your home decor, your travel style, your entertaining style, and your appreciation and knowledge of modern etiquette and manners.

If you would like to spend a day in an elegant setting learning about the essentials for leading an elegant lifestyle, including a three course fine dining luncheon with matching wines, please join me, Louise Percy, for a fully comprehensive one-day Masterclass; and then ongoing online sessions for two months and finally a fabulous Graduation with a Champagne Morning Tea.


The Art of an Elegant Lifestyle

Topics included

  • Elegant personal presentation, image and deportment.
  • Dress requirements for appointments and on invitations.
  • Social and business etiquette, including introductions, greetings, forms of address, invitations and replies (including wedding invitations) and more.
  • Elegance and the art of conversation, vocal tone, speaking skills, body language, small talk and confident mingling.
  • Elegant home hospitality, decor, stationery, travel suggestions and more.
  • Elegant entertaining, at home and in restaurants, the theatre and more.
  • Dining etiquette including a beautiful three course, silver service, fine dining lunch with complementary wine.

The first module you will enjoy is a one-day, in person Masterclass with interactive information, group activity and a silver service, fine dining luncheon.

Then we will enjoy online coaching sessions over two months, group and also individual, tailored to your requirements.


The investment includes interactive tutorials with our expert instructors, a comprehensive manual, refreshment, and luncheon.

A Certificate of Completion is presented to each participant.


The Art of Entertaining and Being Entertained

“There is an emancipation from the heart in genuine hospitality which cannot be described, but is immediately felt, and puts the stranger at once at his ease”.
Washington Irving

“Pleasantest of all ties is the tie of host and guest”.

The Art of Entertaining and Being Entertained

Restaurant Manners

  • the role of the host- working with the restaurant maître d’hôtel
  • the role of the guest and arrival protocol
  • seating plan
  • the menu and wine selection
  • restaurant manners
  • commencement protocol
  • discrete account paying and tipping
  • the protocol of departure
  • the thank you

Theatre and Sporting Function Manners

  • the role of the host and guest
  • correct audience response
  • the thank you

Formal Hosting and Entertaining

  • the guest list and order of precedence
  • invitations
  • menus
  • floral arrangements
  • wines
  • the table – seating plans, place cards, table settings – the role of the host and guest
  • conversation and table talk
  • after dinner coffee, liqueurs and conversation
  • guests departure
  • special problems
  • VIP protocol
  • dining etiquette

Practical Session: Seated three course formal luncheon

The Art and Pleasures of Taking Tea

  • the history of tea drinking
  • high teas
  • the invitation
  • the tea service and other essentials
  • the etiquette of taking tea
  • the role of the hostess/host
  • the delights of tea food for every season
  • a directory of teas
  • the guest’s thank you

Holiday House Hosting

  • the essential checklist
  • the role of the host and guest
  • Airbnb tips and tricks for the perfect host


This program is offered over one day, either as a private consultation or a public course (minimum number required). The investment includes interactive tutorials with our expert instructors, a comprehensive manual, refreshment, and luncheon.

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