Modern Manners

Confidence is gained by feeling comfortable in all circumstances and having the ability to put others at ease. While traditional social etiquette has an important role in the values we hold as special, the more contemporary manners we encounter on a daily basis should also have a place in our lives. An appreciation of the essential role that manners plays in both social and business circumstances is the first step towards developing important social etiquette skills.



Knowing the guidelines for correct social behavior is a great confidence builder. Building on those guidelines with the knowledge you gain from our program will enable you to pursue the vision you have for yourself. This program is for all people from all cultures.

“If you know the rules, you know when you can break the rules”

Topics included

  • Personal Presentation, Image and Deportment
    • First impressions – the statistics: make them work
    • Grooming
    • Development of wardrobe for various circumstances
    • Cross-cultural awareness in wardrobe selection
    • What to wear – dress requirements on invitations
      • “lounge suit”
      • “black tie”
      • traditional “formal”
      • traditional “informal”
      • “smart casual”
      • “casual professional”
    • Deportment and Body Language
      • all aspects
      • cross cultural awareness in deportment
  • Social Etiquette and Modern Manners
  • Social Etiquette and Cross Cultural Awareness
    • Introductions, Greetings, Farewells
    • The role of the Hostess
    • The role of the Guest
    • Everyday manners in public places
    • Graciousness – an outmoded concept?
    • Compliments and Criticism
    • The social “white lie”
    • Gifts
    • Invitations
      • correct wording: formal and informal
      • forms of address
      • correct replies
      • telephone follow up – when required
    • Written correspondence
      • forms of address – international
      • hand written v. Electronic
    • Telephone and social media manners
  • Communication Skills and the Art of Conversation
    • Voice
      • modulation
      • accent
      • vocabulary
    • Conversation
      • preparation
      • information
      • assisting those in need
      • open v. closed questions
    • Verbal v. non verbal communication
      • the art of being a good listener
      • body language
    • Speaking skills
      • politely
      • graciously
      • cross-cultarally
    • Small talk
    • Successful Mingling
  • Modern Entertaining
    • invitations
    • menus and meals
    • wines
  • Modern table manners (a practical session as a lunch is included)


This program is offered over one day, either as a private consultation or a public course (minimum number required). The investment includes interactive tutorials with our expert instructors, a comprehensive manual, refreshment, and luncheon.

A Certificate of Completion is presented to each participant.

Ready to get started?

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