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I’m Louise Percy and I would like to welcome you to The Percy Institute. As an internationally recognised etiquette expert and author, I assist my clients with social and business etiquette and elegant lifestyle choices. Based in Perth, Western Australia, we specialise in etiquette and elegant lifestyle Masterclasses for those wanting to educate themselves with the knowledge to gain confidence, elegance and sophistication. My political and diplomatic experience has enabled me to pass on knowledge to thousands of clients here in Australia and internationally.

~ Louise Percy

The Percy Institute

Through The Percy Institute I offer group and private etiquette and elegant lifestyle Masterclasses, tailored corporate/small business Programmes and Private Consultations for individuals and families. The aim is to equip you with confidence and skills so that you are able to present the very best version of yourself in social and business situations, regardless of your nationality, culture, education or background.

It is a great pleasure to offer small, in-person Masterclasses for my clients which I host in an elegant setting in Perth. Online Programmes and Consultations are available on request. We also offer our in-person, group Programmes nationally throughout Australia.



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