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Show Notes

Embrace Friendship Etiquette:

Cultivate an awareness of the unspoken rules that govern friendships, nurturing them with care and consideration.

Invest in Friendship Bond Building:

Dedicate time and effort to nurture enduring friendships, recognizing their value in your life journey.

Practice Active Listening:

Engage fully when interacting with friends, demonstrating genuine interest and empathy in their experiences and emotions.

Be True to Yourself:

Foster friendships built on authenticity, where you can be your genuine self and find and offer acceptance and support.

Handle Friendship Challenges Gracefully:

Approach conflicts or misunderstandings with openness and respect, seeking resolution through honest communication.

Uphold Trust and Integrity:

Maintain confidentiality and loyalty in friendships, refraining from gossiping or betraying trust.

Offer Constructive Feedback Thoughtfully:

Provide feedback or advice to friends with sensitivity and tact, balancing honesty with consideration for their feelings.

Express Gratitude and Appreciation:

Show appreciation for your friends’ presence and support through gestures, words, and actions, recognizing the value they bring to your life.

Louise’s Top Tip

Always be your authentic self and you will attract friends with whom you will have mutual interests, aspirations and respect.

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