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Show Notes

Significance of Manners:

The importance of teaching good manners as essential life tools, offering confidence and fostering meaningful relationships.

Personal Insight:

Drawing from her experience as a grandmother, Louise shares anecdotes about teaching manners to her grandchildren, highlighting the practical applications of etiquette in everyday situations.

Parental Influence:

Louise underscores the role of parents as primary models of behaviour, stressing the impact of parental example on children’s development of manners and etiquette.

Developmental Considerations:

Acknowledging the stages of childhood development, Louise discusses the gradual acquisition of social and emotional skills, emphasizing the need for patience and support from adults.

Educational Settings:

Louise explores the role of schools in reinforcing manners, advocating for collaboration between parents and educators to uphold standards of etiquette.

Technology and Peer Influence:

Reflecting on the influence of technology and peer interactions, Louise highlights the importance of instilling confidence in children to manage social situations with grace and kindness.

Louise’s Top Tip

What I did with my children and now have done with my grandchildren was design, with them, a Magic Manners Box™ Every time they saw behaviour which showed “good manners” they would ask me to write it down and put it in the box. Every month or so we would open it read out all the Magic Manners we had stored to remind us of good manners,

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