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Show Notes

Arrival and Boarding Etiquette:

Arrive at the airport at least 20 minutes before departure to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Practice patience and kindness during security checks and boarding procedures.

Respect personal space and adhere to boarding zone guidelines.

Overhead Compartment Use:

Remember to show consideration with limited overhead  compartment space.

Consider the impact of storing luggage in overhead compartments, respecting space allocations and not moving another person’s carry on luggage

Seat Reclining Etiquette:

Recline seats during flight with consideration, particularly during meal service.

Remember the importance of communication and compromise between passengers.

Dining Etiquette at Altitude:

Maintain table manners and consideration for fellow passengers during meal service.

Show politeness with dining challenges, such as communicating with flight attendants for additional requests.

Electronic Media Usage:

Polite passengers are mindful of electronic media volume and content, considering the close proximity of fellow travellers.

Restroom Etiquette:

Remember the importance of cleanliness and consideration in aircraft restrooms.

Be consideration with fellow passengers and the flight attendants with sensitive situations, such as unpleasant restroom experiences.

Disembarkation Etiquette:

Be respectful and considerate during disembarkation, prioritising courtesy towards fellow passengers and flight attendants.

Louise’s Top Tip

Never leave your good manners on the ground when you fly.

Consideration and respect for all who are sharing the aircraft should be the essence of your travelling etiquette.

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