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Drawing from my own personal experience, I share invaluable insights and practical advice acquired from navigating the challenges which arise when celebrating holidays within a blended family.

I unveil the keys to successful communication. Through respect, consideration, and kindness, in emotionally charged times, I emphasise the importance of extending these principles to both adults and children.

Discover the art of creating inclusivity, managing scheduling complexities, and fostering new traditions, while maintaining a balance between respecting individual choices and building meaningful connections within the blended family structure.

Join me on this journey of elegance and refinement as we explore the transformative power of etiquette and manners in creating a joyous and harmonious holiday season for all involved.




Louise’s Top Tip

Please always remember that family celebrations, particularly around Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious occasions, are special. They are often an opportunity for families to recognise that the celebrations are particularly special for the children, and that their memories being made are for a lifetime.


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