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Show Notes

Navigating Grief and Supporting Others:

Michelle discusses the challenges she faced and the support she received from friends and family during her grieving process. Practical assistance, such as helping with household tasks and providing emotional support, is highlighted as valuable gestures.

Communication During Grief:

The importance of thoughtful communication during times of grief is discussed, including comforting phrases and gestures.

Michelle shares her perspective on what words and actions were most meaningful to her and what should be avoided.

Use of Social Media for Notification of a Death:

The evolving role of social media in expressing and sharing grief is acknowledged, with Michelle expressing acceptance of its use for spreading news of a loved one’s passing.

Respecting Privacy and Boundaries:

Boundaries and privacy around the circumstances of a loss are emphasized, with Michelle sharing her experiences of dealing with intrusive inquiries.

Adapting to Life Changes:

Michelle reflects on the significant life changes she faced, including her husband’s illness and her retirement, and offers insights into adapting and finding happiness despite adversity.

Louise’s Top Tip

Every bereavement is different. My advice is always to be kind, considerate and respectful of yourself as the bereaved.  To those wanting to provide comfort, I suggest adapting your way of communicating to the particular needs of those suffering.


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