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In this first episode Louise introduces herself and talks about how her early journey lead her to becoming one of Australia’s most respected etiquette and protocol consultants. From learning etiquette tips on a First Class flight from Sydney to Washington D.C. over an artichoke at the age of 18, to working for two Australian Prime Ministers in her 20s, attending functions at the White House and Ceremonial Arrivals in many countries, to then starting The My Fair Lady School of Etiquette which went on to become The Percy Institute of International Protocol she shares her anecdotes. She speaks about training many people through her Train the Trainer Program and previously maintaining full time offices in Singapore and Shanghai. She explains how she continues to be passionate about consulting, training and coaching about all things etiquette, and elegant lifestyle.


Louise’s Top Tip

    After speaking to literally thousands of people over 30 years, and asking them to indicate, by a raised hand, how many of them had never forgotten someone’s name…no one has ever raised their hand.

    We will all, at some time, forget someone’s name. And given that it is a universal human trait, my suggestion is to just be honest and say “I’m so sorry, I know we have met previously, but I can’t remember your name”. The person will remind you and you will be able to confidently introduce them to others.

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