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In this episode Louise delves into the delicate dance between etiquette and manners, shedding light on their synergy and how they’ve transformed in the past 25 years, particularly in the era of the digital world.

She clarifies the distinction between etiquette and manners. While manners are the specific behavious and actions we use in social situations, etiquette is the set of rules or evolving guidelines governing these behaviours. Together, they form the cornerstone of our modern society, providing a framework for respectful and considerate interaction.

In the past quarter-century, the rise of the internet has significantly influenced our social dynamics. We’ve witnessed a shift in manners as we navigate the digital realm. Louise discusses the role of texting, particularly with regard to it replacing the more traditional place of condolence letters, dating in person, breaking up in person, and more. She also discusses the role of modern etiquette and manners in our travelling behaviour, particularly since the Pandemic.


Louiseā€™s Top Tip

    If you are interested enough in someone to invite them on a date, please do it in person. If a relationship does not achieve the expected outcomes, please show respect and conclude it in person.


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