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Show Notes

Establishing Communication Etiquette:

The importance of setting boundaries for texting, calling, and social media interactions in dating situations. The significance of respectful communication and the avoidance of over-sharing, drawing from personal experiences and professional advice.

Navigating Online Dating Platforms:

The significance of authenticity and integrity in crafting online dating profiles. The importance of genuine engagement and respectful communication, regardless of the platform, while managing expectations and options.

Handling Rejection with Grace:

Gracefully managing rejection in dating, stressing the importance of self-care, kindness, and respectful communication, even in difficult situations. Prioritising personal well-being and maintaining dignity during breakups is essential.

First Date Communication:

The importance of communication during first dates includes active listening and meaningful conversation. Initiating conversations and managing bill payments gracefully enhances first date

Dating Etiquette in the Digital Age:

The landscape of dating etiquette is evolving in the digital era, highlighting the need for clear boundaries and privacy considerations.

Dating Considerations for the Over 50s:

There are unique considerations for dating in later stages of life, including the importance of confidence, respect, and self-awareness. Often there are redefined priorities and expectations while maintaining elegance and optimism in relationships.

Louise’s Top Tip

Always maintain your authenticity.  People the world over value authenticity, integrity and sincerity.  And remember, that irrespective of your confidence level, the dating landscape can be daunting. Be kind to yourself.  If you need assistance with your confidence and etiquette skills, please do contact me.

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