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Show Notes

In this informative  episode, Louise explores the nuances of modern dining etiquette, highlighting differences in traditions, fashions, and trends. The discussion covers various aspects, including shared plates, seating arrangements, napkin etiquette, cutlery confidence, table talk, tech-free dining, ordering with grace, wine etiquette, toasting, and scenarios like splitting the bill. Louise emphasises the importance of creating a positive dining experience through good etiquette, manners, and thoughtful hosting.


Elements of Modern Dining:

Shared Plates: Louise discusses the current popularity of shared plates in modern dining.

Seating Arrangements: Emphasises the importance of strategic seating for a positive dining experience.


Napkin Etiquette:

Unfolding the Napkin: Louise explains the proper way to unfold a napkin discreetly.

Guidelines for Leaving the Table: Discusses when and how to leave the table during the meal.


Cutlery Confidence:

Understanding Cutlery Arrangement: Louise provides guidance on understanding the placement of cutlery.

Importance of Not Rearranging Cutlery: Advises against moving cutlery to maintain ease for servers, even for those left handed.


Table Talk and Social Dynamics:

Facilitating Conversations: Louise shares techniques for encouraging conversations among guests.

Keeping the Conversation Flowing: Discusses strategies for keeping the conversation engaging.


Ambiance and Decor:

Importance of Flowers and Decor: Highlights the role of flowers and decor in creating a pleasant dining atmosphere.

Avoiding Tall Flower Arrangements: Advises against tall arrangements that hinder conversation.


Tech-Free Dining:

Encouraging Electronic Devices Off the Table: Louise advocates for a tech-free dining experience.

Dealing with Urgent Calls: Provides tips for handling urgent calls discreetly.


Navigating Menus and Ordering:

Understanding Modern Menus: Louise gives tips on understanding and navigating contemporary menus.

Etiquette of Ordering: Discusses proper etiquette when ordering and considering dietary requirements.


Wine Etiquette and Toasting:

Options for Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Louise acknowledges the options for those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks. Proper Etiquette for Toasts: Discusses the etiquette of toasting and responding to toasts.


Paying the Bill:

Traditions of Paying for the Meal: Louise explains the traditional rule of the person extending the invitation paying.

Strategies for Bill Splitting: Discusses strategies for handling bill splitting in a group setting.          


Louise’s Top Tip

When dining with a “Share Plate” Menu, always ask the server for serving utensils;  never use your own cutlery to take food from a shared plate.

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