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Show Notes

As we navigate the intricacies of elegance, it becomes evident that it’s far more than a mere reflection of aesthetics; it’s an attitude that extends beyond appearances to encompass behaviour, manners, and an appreciation for beauty in both tangible and intangible aspects of life.

In this episode, I draw inspiration from timeless icons like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, as well as cultural nuances such as Japanese simplicity and the refined lifestyle of the French. I explore the transformative power of elegance through wardrobe audits, mindfulness, and embracing gratitude.

Join me in this refined conversation, where I celebrate individuality as the true essence of elegance. From the daily choices we make to the way we carry ourselves, let’s uncover the secrets to a life cultivated with poise, grace, and a touch of sophistication.

Louise’s Top Tip

The beginning of a new year for me is such a perfect time to do a “Self Audit”, I look at myself in my social, work and spiritual spaces. And then I critically ask myself what I would like to achieve during the year’s journey ahead.
I don’t necessarily make resolutions, but choose rather to invite myself to look to where I could “level up” myself.

Sometimes my “level up” is taking myself out of my comfort zone in many and varied ways from travel to taking courses and classes. I am a strong believer in continually learning.

If you feel that a Masterclass or Course in Etiquette (both Social and Business) and Elegance would enhance your journey in 2024, please do visit my website, have a look at what is on offer, and if you like, book a Discovery Call with me, via Zoom or phone call via the Contact Page.


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